Way to Reach Bidar City

Way to Reach Bidar

  • It is well connected by Rail and Road and the nearest Airport is Hyderabad. One can drive from Hyderabad to Bidar (140 Kms) taking on to Hyderabad Mumbai Highway, abutting 25 Kms inside (to Reach Bidar), after reaching Zaheerabad.
  • By Train from Amritsar to Nanded Train No. 2716, (Except Tuesday & Friday) Sachkhand Express. (distance from Nanded to Bidar by road is 180Kms.)
  • By Train from New Delhi to Hyderabad, train No. 2724, Andhra Pradesh Express.
  • By Train from Hazrath Nizamuddin to Hyderabad Train No. 7022, Dakshin Express.
  • By train from Hazrath Nizamuddin to Secunderabad, Train No. 2708 (Runs on wed, Fri & Sun) Andhra Pradesh Sampark Kranti Express).
  • By Train from Bangalore to Bidar, train No. 6594, Humpi Express.
  • By Train from Hyderabad to Bidar, Train No. 7664, Manmad Express.(Kindly check the Latest Train timings and Train No’s from the concerned Railway Authorities).
1 Bangalore.-0 km 2 Tumkur.-72 km
3 Sira.-117 km 4 Hiriyur.-150 km
5 Challakere.-215 km 6 Bellary.-305 km
7 Siruguppa.-355 km 8 Sindhanur.-395 km
9 Lingasugur.-440 km 10 Surapura.-485 km
11 Shahapura.-530 km 12 Gulbarga.-610 km
13 Humnabad.-675 km 14 Bidar.-720 km


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