Paapnash Temple

Paapnash Temple


It is believed that Lord Sri Rama, on the way to Ayodhya from Lanka after defeating Ravana, visited this place and that resulted in the temple which would wash off his act of killing Ravana who is a Shiva Bhakt.


Papnash Shiva Temple is another sought-after place worth visiting in Bidar. It is believed that the Shiva Linga idol in this temple is one of those installed by Lord Rama during the time of his journey back from Lanka. A natural spring flows into a pond in front of the temple called Papnasha which means destruction of sins.


paapnashtemple2Every year, during Shivratri festival lots of tourists visit Papnash Shiva Temple. At the ruins an ancient Shiva Temple along with a New Temple has been built on the slops of the hill. At the foot of the temple is a cistern measuring 16 ft by 14 ft. The cistern is continuously fed by the natural spring and towards the north there is small tank which is said to be built during Lord Rama s times.


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