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Article by : Vinay Biradar

Now days Mental work is more, as Humans are innovating new technologies, which is decreasing the Physical work. By which Humans are becoming physically week & Mentally strong.

Humans all major works like travelling, writing, speaking, filling of water, carrying materials/goods all work which are done physically are now done with Technologies like  Vehicles, Robots, Computers, Mobiles etc…

Which is making us to grow mentally but more stress and physically weak.

To balance this one has to focus specifically on physical work to become physically strong.

Like  Yoga which is best method to make mentally peace and physically strong

Yoga has all types of Excercises from head to foot, including Breathing Process which is the CORE of Health.

You can also call Yoga is nothing but Physical Excercises like Physical training given in schools, Karate/kungfu classes/ Dancing / Gym

Normally People get bore of Excercise or they don’t like to do it.. for them  DANCING/ Kungfu / Swimming/ any Sports like Badminton, Football, Table Tennis can be the best for Physical Work.

In Yoga  Breathing Process Asana is best for Mental Peace and to have self Control.

This will be like Entertainment and Physical Health

Yoga has many Aasan’s which can be done for curing and for precaution to avoid all diseases.


One Statement for Healthy Life by  : Vinay Biradar

” MENTALy & PHYSICALy Strong is Heathy Life “

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