Gurunanak Jhira

** one of the 5 Famous Gurudwara Temple in bidar,Karnataka-INDIA.

Nanak Jhira

Gurudwara Nanak Jheera Sahib BidarThe Nanak Jhira Bidar Gurudwara, dedicated to the Sikh Guru Nanak, is a historical shrine that is situated in Bidar in North Karnataka. This gurudwara is a well known one and many devotees visit this place.

Nanak Jhira Bidar Gurudwara– Overview

Devotees throng to the Nanak Jhira Bidar Gurudwara especially during Guru Nanak Jayanti. Volunteers make elaborate preparations to celebrate the Guru Nanak Jayanti, which is one of the major festivals of the Sikhs. Preparations include cleaning the gurudwara, guarding the shoes of visitors and helping out in the kitchen. The gurudwara is especially adorned with flags, banners and lights for this occasion.

Nanak Jhira Bidar Gurudwara – History

Guru Nanak, in his second missionary tour, visited South India after touring through Khandwa and Nagpur and finally reached Nanded after visiting the Hindu temple of Omkareshwara on the Narmada. The Guru then proceeded towards Golconda and Hyderabad. Here he met Muslim saints and then went to meet Yakoob Ali and Pir Jalaluddin at Bidar.

The Guru was put up at the outskirts of Bidar along with his companion Mardana. The place where the Guru temporarily resided is now the Nanak Jhira Bidar Gurudwara. The sermons and teachings of the Guru during his sojourn at Bidar attracted a lot of followers and soon people came to listen to the Guru to seek his blessings.

Nanananak_jhirak Jhira Bidar Gurudwara – Mythology

The people who were residing in Bidar were miserable due to a shortage in water supply in this town. The Guru was moved by their plight and decided to rescue them from their miserable condition. He touched the hillside with his toe removing some rubble in the process. A fountain of sweet water flowed out from this hillside and the place was rechristened as Nanak Jhira.

Now a beautiful gurudwara stands at the side of this water fountain. A small Amrit–Kund constructed in white marble accumulates the water flowing from this fountain.

Nanak Jhira Bidar Gurudwara – Facts

Free food is provided for all pilgrims who visit this gurudwara. A Sikh museum is also present here in memory of the Sikh Guru and houses important historical events in the history of Sikhism in the form of paintings and pictures. An engineering college, a free hospital, a college, a polytechnic institution and two schools are now run by the management of the Nanak Jhira Bidar Gurudwara. Nearly four to five lakh pilgrims visit this gurudwara every year. Major festivals like Holi, Dussehra and Guru Nanak’s Birthday attracts as many as 30,000 visitors per day.

The Nanak Jhira Sahib with water spring nestles amidst serene and enchanting surroundings is main attraction of Bidar town. It has became widely famous as Guru Nanak Jhira Sahib with it’s recently constructed sprawling and splendid Gurudwara complex. It is attracting numerous pilgrims and visitors from all parts. A sarovar (Lake) and Amrut-Kunda have been built. A number of suites and rooms have been provided for lodging the pilgrims. There is a Guru-Ka-Langar where free food is served irrespective of caste and creeds. As the place is associated with the visit of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji to Bidar is it one of the sacred place to Sikh devotees.

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