Bidar Fort

Unique Fort in Bidar …..Highlights


About the Fort:

The fort was one the largest and strongest forts in India[citation needed]. It was built in 15th century.

Bidar Fort is situated in Bidar district of South Indian state of Karnataka, which is one of the most popular tourist spots in the state. The fort was constructed in 1427 AD by Alla-Ud-Din Bahman of Bahman vicinity, when he shifted his capital to Bidar from Gulbarg.

The name of the fort is after the name of district – Bidar, derived from a Kannada word ‘bidiru’, which means bamboo. As in the past times the region was forested with bamboo trees, hence it was called ‘Bidaroor’, which finally got converted to Bidar.

Seven Gates of the Bidar City Fort are named ( East to West )bidarfortgate1
Gate 1 – The Mandu Darwaza, the main gate
Gate 2 – The Kalmadgi Darwaza,
Gate 5 – The Delhi Darwaza,
Gate 6 – The Kalyani Darwaza,
Gate 7 – The Carnatic Darwaza,
Gates 3 and 4 are without a name.


The fort is located at an elevation of 2,200 feet above the sea level. The structure of the fort exhibits the Persian style of architecture. Several mosques, gardens, arches, palaces were built inside as well as outside the fort complex. The layout of the fort is in quadrangular shape, with 1.21 km of length and 0.80 km of width. The periphery of the fort premises is 4.1 km. Most of the structures of the fort got ruined with the passage of time, yet the remains are very well conserved. These remains include imperial kitchens, bathrooms, halls of meetings, pavilions for entertainment and mosques etc.

Remains of the Fort:

Solah Khamba Mosque:
Solah Khamba Mosque is the major attraction of the fort, which lies inside the fort complex. It was built in 1327 AD. The mosque has a long prayer hall, with nineteen passageways, supported by 18 round pillars. Rest area of the mosque is supported by 60 round pillars. The main dome of the mosque is in flattish shape, adorned with amazing carvings.

Gagan Mahal:

gagan mahal_bidar

It is a public audience hall, which is decorated with splendid mosaics. The palace can be approached through black granite steps, interlinked between red sandstone. The palace is adorned with magnificent arches and colored tiles.


Rangin Mahal :

rengeen maha copy

It is one of the most impressive building of the fort complex, which is gracefully ornamented with beautiful carving works and wooden furnishings. The floor of this palace is made of glassy mosaics. It was used as a place of worship.


Zenana Palace:
It was specially made for the royal ladies of the fort, which reflects the typical Persian architecture style. The walls of this palace are brightened with painted murals.

Lal Bagh, Takhat Mahal, Watch Tower, Deewan-E-Am and gardens are some other major highlights of Bidar Fort.

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