Bidar Art

A Magic in Black and Silver

Bidar is famous for BidriWare a distinct and exquisite inlay craft of this district. It involves embedding silver or Gold into basic metal, mostly an alloy of zinc which forms a bluish-black background for the silver or gold. You can find elegant Bidriware objects like water goblets, jewellery cases, ashtrays and a host of other articles that would be ideal gifts from Karnataka.

Bidriware derives its name from Bidar. The 500 year old art in Persian in origin, but bidriware is purely Indian innovation. This art of engraving and inlaying is handed down by generations and is exclusive to bidar.

Wood Carving Works

Nath wood Inustries owned by Shri Bandeppa, Karnatka Rajyotsava prasathi winner, located in Backchodi village of bidar taluka, is specialised in wood carving particularly sandalwood. The carvings are intricate and specialised in making idols of Gods and Godessess particularly of Lord Budha. Most of these items are marketed through Kaveri emporiums of Karnataka and Lepakshi of AndraPradesh ( Now Telangana & Andhra 2 States ). The Idols of Budhist countries. The sandalwood required by this industry is purchased from sandalkotis of Dharwad and Shimoga districts.

The following persons of bidar with there dedicated efforts have succeeded at National level and doing yeomen service in there respective fields.