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Youth Training program in Dawood School,bidar

Youth Training Camp is held for 10 days from 23-4-13 to 2-4-13 in Dawwod School, HAQ colony, Bidar.

Organized by Youth Service & sports department.

Training is provided by  Resource people ::


Mrs.Pratibha Hiremath

Mr.Vinaykumar Biradar

CAMP Officer :: Mr.Shivkumar Swamy

sugar units being misused by party leaders:KPRS bidar

The politicisation of sugar factories remains a key issue for the elections in Bidar district.

In every election, candidates complain that sugarcane factories harass cultivators, and should be controlled by the government. While some leaders pressure the government to take over the cooperative factories, others promise to set up new ones.

Farmers’ leaders say their problems are compounded as these sugar factories are often used as political tools by their owners or chairpersons of the cooperative societies which run them.

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